Purple Monkey Organizing: Sleek Shelves to Collapsible Storage Bins

Sometimes, even the most thoughtful and careful people struggle with organization. The average American family was listed at 3.14 persons in house on the 2016 census, and this statistic only shows the average. The sought after nuclear family usually includes two adults and two children. With this many people under one roof, it would seem that organization would not be such a demanding task. However, not everyone in a family is usually adept at (or willing to) organize their things. When time is short and organization is needed, Purple Monkey Organizing is available to provide professional organizational assistance.

Why Organize?

Organization can benefit any aspect of life. When you organize business tasks, your business prospers and you and your employees have more time and have to put in less effort. When you organize your daily schedule, you find that you have more time set aside at the end of the day to do something meaningful. The same can be said for organizing your household. Not only does an organized household appeal to visitors, it can help keep a house clean. Other benefits of organizing include being able to find items more easily, being able to more conveniently rearrange rooms, and encouraging cleaning among members of your household.

What We Do

Purple Monkey Organizing is available for all organization needs. We are geared toward active organizing, or organizing that keeps itself maintained. We also work with all levels of organization, from messy, beginning households to immaculate, advanced households. More importantly, we value the need for a judgement-free environment. Specific services include:

  • Hoarder Help : we work with your therapists and medical professionals to get you on the path to recovering from a hoarding addiction.
  • Pantry & Kitchen Organization: including preparing weekly meal plans, reordering food and pantry items, and reorganizing your fridge to encourage less waste.
  • Children’s Room Organization: including installing collapsible storage bins (from hangorize.com) for toy organization, closet and clothing organization, and active child participation to foster organizational willingness from your children.
  • Closet Organization: including installation of hooks, bars, and other tools in order to better organize your clothing, color coordination, and help deciding which clothes to keep and which to donate.
  • Outdoor Organization: Outdoor organization, including pool tools and garden items, can be some of the trickiest organizational ventures, but are well worth the help.
  • Office Organization: where we help you make your work space cleaner and save you stress.

About The Organizer

Trice Rogers is a professional organizer who has been working out of New Orleans, Louisiana for over 15 years. He is inspired by the clean, organized places in his home state of Louisiana. Rogers works out of his New Orleans office, serving the greater New Orleans area. For more information, or to contact him about an organizational project, please visit our contact page.